PC School of Pharmacy Receives Longest Accreditation Term in School History

The Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy received continued accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE). Now accredited through 2028, the eight-year term is the longest in the School’s history.

“I am very proud of the faculty and staff of the PC School of Pharmacy for their hard work during this process,” said Dr. Kurt Wargo, dean of the PC School of Pharmacy.

“Eight years is the longest term a school may be granted before having to go through the process of accreditation again. The hard work from our faculty and staff has paid off and has allowed us to achieve the longest accreditation period in the history of the school.”

The time frame that a pharmacy school must undergo the accreditation process varies, according to Wargo. The ACPE’s board of directors determines the time based on its findings.

The Accreditation Process 

The PC School of Pharmacy faculty and staff were involved in a year-long self-study process to assess the program using standards set forth by the ACPE. School administrators submitted a comprehensive report to the ACPE once the self-study was complete.

“We were originally scheduled to have our on-site evaluation in March 2020, whereby a team from ACPE comes to meet with everyone in the school and evaluate our program,” Wargo said.

Due to the COVID pandemic, however, the site visit was changed to a virtual visit, which took place this past October.

“Preparing Servant Leaders” 

“The continued accreditation of our Doctor of Pharmacy program through the 2027-2028 academic year is an outstanding outcome for PC,” said Dr. Don Raber, PC Provost.

“It reflects the intense efforts and dedication of all our faculty and staff, led by Dean Kurt Wargo, to provide and maintain a rigorous experience for our students. In doing so, it supports them throughout their education to prepare them for success as servant leaders in their communities and in their chosen pharmacy professions.

“As we build on and maintain our accreditation by ACPE as well as strong results from our students on board exams after graduation, we are excited to see the School of Pharmacy thrive on campus for many years to come.”

Serve the Community as a Pharmacist

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