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General Program Information

Is your program accredited?

Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy’s Doctor of Pharmacy program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education, 1335 South LaSalle Street, Suite 4100, Chicago, IL 60503, Phone: 312-664-3575; Fax: 312-664-4652, web site

How long is the pharmacy program?

The professional program takes 4 years to complete and includes both classroom and pharmacy practice experiences. Click here to view the professional curriculum.

How many students will be in each class?

Each class will contain 60-65 students.

Where is the pharmacy school located?

The School of Pharmacy building is a 54,000 square-foot, multi-story facility housing classrooms, faculty offices, teaching and research laboratories, assessment areas, and a pharmacy clinic, the Center for Pharmacy Care. The facility is located in Clinton approximately 1 mile from the Presbyterian College campus.

Can I schedule a tour of PC?

Schedule a visit to our campus, learn more about our program, and interact with faculty, staff, and students. Click here to learn more. To schedule a visit to our campus, please call Ms. Leigh Lanford at (864) 938-3913 or email or

Will pharmacy students live on-campus at PC?

On-campus housing will not be available to pharmacy students. Students must arrange for off-campus housing individually.

Program Costs

Will financial aid be available to pharmacy students?

Pharmacy students will be eligible for loans and other financial aid at Presbyterian College. Some scholarships will be available but they will be limited until the School of Pharmacy scholarship fund is built. Click here for more information about financial aid opportunities for pharmacy students.


What is the minimum GPA?

A 2.5 overall GPA and a 2.75 pre-pharmacy GPA is preferred to be considered for admission.

How do you calculate my GPA?

PharmCAS computes your overall GPA using all coursework completed. PCSP uses your overall GPA as calculated by PharmCAS. PCSP computes your pre-pharmacy GPA based only on the courses required by PCSP (65 hours pre-pharmacy). The method of calculation is the same as that described by PharmCAS with one modification. Repeat courses completed more than 7 years ago will not be included in this GPA calculation; however all courses completed within the 7 years prior to applying will be included in the pre-pharmacy GPA.

How many letters of recommendation should I submit?

You should request that at least 2 letters of recommendation be submitted on your behalf to PharmCAS. One must be a professional reference from a pharmacist and one must be an academic reference from a college professor. Do not have letters of recommendation or other materials sent directly to Presbyterian College – such materials will NOT be included in your application file.

Who should I ask to write my letters of recommendation?

One letter of recommendation must be a professional reference from a pharmacist and one must be an academic reference from a college professor. You should ask people that know you very well to write your letters of recommendation. Letters from friends or family members are NOT accepted. Letters from politicians are usually very superficial and are usually not helpful to the committee unless the politician knows you personally. Remember that, like most people, your references may be very busy over the holidays, therefore you should request a letter of recommendation early. We advise asking references NO LATER than November 1 to ensure that all material is received by PharmCAS before the June 30 deadline.

Do you save a certain number of spots for in-state applicants or PC students?

Presbyterian College does not save a certain number of spots for certain types of applicants, however bonus points are given to applicants who

  • completed their pre-pharmacy coursework at Presbyterian College,
  • are from rural or underserved areas of SC,
  • enhance the diversity of the student body, and/or
  • hold a previous degree.

Do I need to work in a pharmacy before applying?

Qualified applicants who have demonstrated commitment to the profession of pharmacy are preferred for admission. One of your letters of recommendation must be from a pharmacist, so you need to get to know a pharmacist! If you do not have pharmacy work experience, you should become familiar with the profession by volunteering at a free clinic or hospital, shadowing a pharmacist, and/or participating in a pharmacy internship. You should also spend some time researching the profession (click here to start your research). The degree to which you have explored the profession of pharmacy is considered when selecting applicants for admission.

Are all applicants interviewed?

No, applicants will be selected for an interview by the Admissions Committee based on their application materials.

Pre-Pharmacy Coursework

Where may I complete the pre-pharmacy coursework?

You may complete the pre-pharmacy coursework at any accredited US college or university.

What’s the deadline for completing all my prerequisites?

You must complete ALL pre-pharmacy courses with a C- grade or higher before enrolling in the School of Pharmacy. All academic updates are due to Presbyterian College in July before you can begin classes in the professional program.

What are the academic updates that are required?

When you apply via PharmCAS you will list the courses you’re taking in the fall semester as well as the courses you plan to take this coming spring and summer. You should post an academic update with PharmCAS in December when you receive your fall grades. You will need to send your spring and summer updates directly to Presbyterian College if you are accepted to pharmacy school.

When should I request my transcripts to be sent to PharmCAS?

We recommend requesting your transcripts NO LATER than December 15 so that all information will be received by PharmCAS before the June 30 deadline. Remember that most schools close for the Christmas break and will not re-open before January 1, therefore you should request your transcripts in time for the registrar’s office to process your request and send the transcripts to PharmCAS before they close for the holidays.

Do I have to take the economics, psychology, etc. prerequisite?

All prerequisites must be completed with a C- grade or higher before enrolling in the School of Pharmacy. The prerequisites were selected to maximize student success in the pharmacy curriculum and to foster personal development of students. If you have a question about a particular prerequisite, please call the School of Pharmacy.

I’ve taken two semesters of physics but I didn’t take a lab. Will that satisfy PCSP’s physics requirement?

Presbyterian College requires 3 hours of physics which may be satisfied by one semester of physics.

Do only certain courses satisfy the pre-pharmacy course requirements?

Please read the footnotes on the pre-pharmacy page for course specifications the fulfill Presbyterian College requirements.

Will you accept AP credit to satisfy the pre-pharmacy course requirements?

AP credit may be used to satisfy pre-pharmacy course requirements but the grade will not be used to compute your GPA. Course equivalencies for AP credit are granted by your undergraduate institution and must be included on your official transcript. When entering your coursework on your PharmCAS application, include the course number for which you received AP credit at your undergraduate insititution (e.g. ENGL 101 3 CR) so that we can match your AP credit with the pre-pharmacy requirement it satisfies.

Will you accept online courses to satisfy the pre-pharmacy course requirements?

Online courses may be used to satisfy pre-pharmacy course requirements if completed at an accredited US college or university.

Do the prerequisites have to be completed within a certain time frame?

Organic chemistry and life sciences courses earned 7 or more years prior to applying to the School will not be allowed to satisfy pre-pharmacy course requirements unless approved by the Admissions Committee on an individual applicant basis.

This policy is in place because

  1. life sciences change rapidly, therefore a life science course taken years ago would include information that now is understood to be incorrect plus the course would not have included advances in these areas which are important for drug therapy;
  2. we have found that students who took organic chemistry years ago have difficulty in medicinal chemistry and biochemistry because the subject material is not fresh in their memory.

If you have questions about whether a prerequisite will satisfy the School’s pre-pharmacy requirements, please email the School of Pharmacy at

Profession of Pharmacy

What can I do as a pharmacist?

Presbyterian College educated pharmacists will be prepared to work in virtually any area of pharmacy practice upon graduation. Click here for more information about career opportunities for pharmacists. 

Admission Collaboration

Is there any admission collaboration with other schools?

The Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy currently has agreements with the following programs that will provide students attending these institutions a guaranteed interview if they have a cumulative 3.0 GPA:

  • Claflin University
  • Columbia College
  • Greenville Technical College
  • TriCounty Technical College
  • Lander University
  • Newberry College
  • Midlands Technical College
  • Piedmont Technical College

More agreements are being established. Click here to Apply Now.