Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy Graduation Application

-Complete during the fall prior to your graduation.
-Submit to Registrar’s Office (vwwilson@presby.edu)

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Important Dates for Graduation 2018

Monday May 7th-Thursday May 10th: NAPLEX/MPJE Preparation

 Monday May 7th 0900-1000: General Test Preparation and Test Taking Tips

1000-1200: MPJE Primer

1300-1700: MPJE Primer




 Tuesday May 8th 0900-1000: Baseline Assessment: Biostatistics,                         Pharmacoeconomics, and Drug Information

1000-1200: Biostatistics Primer

1300-1500: Biostatistics Primer

1500-1600: Pharmacoeconomics and Drug Information Primer

1600-1700: Post-Assessment: Biostatistics,                         Pharmacoeconomics, and Drug Information

 Wednesday May 9th 0900-1200: Pharmaceutical Calculations Primer

1300-1700: Pharmaceutical Calculations Primer

 Thursday May 10th 0900-1200: Infectious Disease Primer: Bugs&Drugs, HIV/OI

1300-1400: Immunizations/Travel Vaccinations Primer

1400-1700: Hematology/Oncology






P4 Farewell Party: Thursday May 10th @ 7PM

Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy Hooding & Commencement: Friday May 11, 2018 10:00 AM

Pharmacist Licensure Information
  • Applying for Licensure: A Step by Step Guide (Please note: NABP is changing their NAPLEX/MPJE registration process. Details are not fully available at this time. NABP requests new graduates wait to register until after April 2, 2018. Details will be updated in slides as they become available from NABP. Please go here  for the most up to date information from NABP.)
  • NAPLEX/MPJE Bulletin (January 2018)-Includes NAPLEX and MPJE Competency Statements
  • NABP Release Form (Submit to Mrs. Bodie in the Dean’s Office (or at cmbodie@presby.edu) prior to graduation).
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