The Center for Student Research seeks to enrich the academic experience of  PC undergraduates and pharmacy students by providing research and scholarly experiences in biomedical sciences and pharmacy practice.  The center promotes inquiry, discovery, and creativity  through faculty-student mentoring relationships and the integration of instructions with research, scholarship, and creative activities.

How can we help you?

CSR will coordinate faculty-student matches allowing students to work closely with the Pharmacy School’s research faculty.

Are you a student interested in hands-on learning and research  in biomedical sciences and pharmacy practice?

We will help you locate a research opportunity that fits your interests

Are you a PAS or PP faculty member interested in having a student work with you?

We will help you locate a student that fits your interests and requirements

CSR News

Kibba Fogle was our first summer research intern from Claflin University.   She submitted a manuscript entitled “Development of A Behavioral Model to Assess Chemosensation in Daphnia Magna” to IMPULSE and will be presenting her research findings at the Spring SYNAPSE 2013 meeting.

Lyndsay Gormley and Megan Sumner will be presenting a poster entitled “Y-site physical compatibility of intensive care unit admixtures with cisatracurium”  at the ACCP Annual Meeting in October 2012.