PC Community Care Pharmacy

The Presbyterian College Community Care Pharmacy (PCCCP) of Clinton, South Carolina, is located on the first floor of the Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy (PCSP).    Nancy A. Taylor, Pharmacist-In-Charge, Tish Clayton, Certified Pharmacy Technician, and student pharmacist volunteers deliver pharmacy services to the uninsured patients of Good Shepherd Free Clinic in Laurens County.

PCCCP is a dispensing pharmacy that has been operating inside the School of Pharmacy since 2010.  The pharmacy serves a two-fold purpose: one as a teaching pharmacy for students at the School of pharmacy, and second as a pharmacy serving patients of Good Shepherd Free Medical Clinic. Serving as an outreach to the community embodies the School of Pharmacy and PC’s motto, “While We Live, We Serve.”

Preparing Pharmacy Students for Their Future

Pharmacy students can experience opportunities to develop skills and techniques that will allow them to be seen as healthcare delivery leaders by volunteering their time in the pharmacy, which is open 3 days each week for a total of 10 hours.  Volunteering in the pharmacy offers opportunities for students to practice and improve their communication, counseling, and dispensing skills which they learn in pharmacy practice labs during their time at PCSC.

Meeting the Needs of the Community

Good Shepherd Clinic, located at 245 Human Services Road in Clinton, SC., provides free medical care, medications, and pastoral counsel to Laurens County residents who have no government help or private insurance and are unable to afford care.  After seeing a healthcare provider at the Clinic, patients come to PCCCP to fill their prescriptions.  Most patients utilizing the pharmacy services suffer from 4 to 6 chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease.  The pharmacy staff, along with the Wellness Center staff, strive to educate patients about their medications and their health conditions to help them take responsibility for their healthcare resulting in better outcomes for their health and well-being.

Utilizing Advanced Pharmacy Systems

We use PioneerRx Pharmacy Software in the pharmacy and our community practice laboratory. By partnering with PioneerRx Pharmacy Software in the classroom, our students are able to learn in a real-world environment using a software platform that is installed in many independent pharmacies.

Contacting the Pharmacy

Plan to visit our pharmacy on your next visit to Clinton and the Presbyterian School of Pharmacy.  We are located inside the School of Pharmacy at 307 North Broad Street, adjacent to PCSP Wellness Center.

Telephone: 864-938-3933

Pharmacy Hours

Patients are only able to pick up medications during our regular hours. Holiday schedules will be posted in the office.

Wednesday: 10 am – 1 pm
Wednesday: 2 pm – 4 pm
Thursday: 10 am – 1 pm