community care pharmacy

Technology in pharmacy has helped the Presbyterian College Community Care Pharmacy to evolve to meet the needs of many types of communities.

Serving the Community with Pride

The PC Community Care Pharmacy (PCCCP) of Clinton, South Carolina, is located on the first floor of the Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy, which enrolled its first class in 2010. More than a location for School of Pharmacy student learning experiences, it serves as one of the primary affiliates in an emerging medical health alliance involving South Carolina Free Medical Clinics and Regional Hospitals. This alliance is committed to advancing the establishment of a medical home model of healthcare delivery to an estimated 15,000 uninsured patients in South Carolina. PC Community Care Pharmacy uses area volunteer pharmacists (6) in addition to its Pharmacist-in-Charge and Certified Pharmacy technicians to deliver its specialized approach to pharmacy services.

Advanced Pharmacy Systems and PC Community Care Pharmacy

The primary pharmacy software utilized is the QS1 NRX system integrated with an ADS RxMedic automated dispensing system that not only selects, counts and fills tablets or capsules into prescription vials, but caps and appropriately labels the specific patient vials. For those familiar with the traditional prescription human effort-intensive filling steps of select, count, cap and label, the NRX/RxMedic automated system clearly represents “leading edge” technology. Our system also can process allowable refill prescription requests 24 hours a day via the IVR to QS1 to RxMedic gateway…without human involvement.

Creating the I’m Helping Myself ® Approach to Healthcare

Uninsured Free Clinic patients, who receive their medications at the PC Community Care Pharmacy site, experience an 8 step counseling education approach that assists the patient in more fully understanding their specific medical condition (most have 4-6 chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.) Once patients accept responsibility for their healthcare, most of the typical medical recurrence challenges are avoided. We know we have reduced in our area of service the number of repeat emergency room visits for the same patient medical challenge.

Preparing New Professionals for Interprofessional Healthcare Team Leadership

Students at the School of Pharmacy can experience, through Community Care Pharmacy experiential rotations, opportunities for developing techniques that will allow themselves to be seen as healthcare delivery leaders rather than supporters.

PCSP Pharmacy School Students helping in the PC Pharmacy

(from l to r) Heather Cook and Frank Owusu use the RxMedic Pharmacy Robot.

Advancing Healthcare in the Upstate

The Community Care Pharmacy greatly values its opportunity to serve the uninsured patients from area Free Clinics. School of Pharmacy advanced students serve, under the supervision of a state registered pharmacist, as medication and therapy educators to these uninsured patients. Elements of this individualized healthcare education approach prior to medication dispensing and counseling involves patient medication reconciliation, a review of most recent lab values, assessment of overall therapy progress and development of a personalized action plan aimed at ensuring the prevention of adverse drug events or potential adverse drug events.

Come and Visit with Us

Plan to visit our pharmacy on your next visit to Clinton and the Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy. We are located inside the School of Pharmacy at 307 North Broad Street adjacent to our college Medical Health Center and the adjoining Wellness Center. Telephone: 864.938.3933.

Hope to see you soon!