PC School of Pharmacy to administer COVID vaccinations

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) approved the PC School of Pharmacy to provide COVID vaccinations. The School is currently waiting to receive its supply.

“It is anticipated that PC will receive the vaccine and administer it to PC students and employees and members of the surrounding community who want it,” said Dr. Tiffaney Threatt, associate professor at the PC School of Pharmacy and director of the PCSP Wellness Center.

Already a flu vaccine provider, the pharmacy school met the CDC’s requirements to become a COVID Vaccination Program Provider. The requirements included the ability to store and administer the vaccine by qualified healthcare professionals.

Preparing to administer the COVID vaccine

Threatt and others at the PC School of Pharmacy are preparing to administer the vaccinations while waiting for the supply of the vaccine itself from SCDHEC.

“Currently, we have a pool of 75 volunteers from the School of Pharmacy who are willing to help administer the vaccine,” Threatt said.

This pool includes pharmacist faculty, pharmacist alumni, and current pharmacy students. Only licensed, immunization-certified pharmacists and pharmacy interns will administer the vaccine.

“We will have additional support from faculty and students of the PA program and non-clinical volunteers to help with duties such as greeting, directing the flow, and managing paperwork,” Threatt added.

Once the School of Pharmacy receives the supply, it will provide more information regarding the vaccinations, such as:

  • who’s eligible for the vaccines
  • the process for registering for the vaccines
  • the type of vaccine that will be offered

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