P4 Spotlight: Tabby Lovelace


Tabby Lovelace, from Williamson, S.C., is on track to earn her PharmD in May.

Here’s more about Tabby–

Why did you decide to become a pharmacist?

After working in a hospital laboratory for nine years, I decided I could do more in healthcare to assist patients and grow as a professional. I took a leap of faith with a family and decided to join the pharmacy profession.

Deanie Kane took a risk and assisted me to set myself up for success in admissions, and I am so grateful for the opportunities PCSP has given to me over the last four years.

Has the pandemic affected your decision to go into healthcare? How so?

If anything, it solidifies that pharmacists are a critical part of healthcare.  It shows all of us that we are important and our role in the pandemic is irreplaceable.

What has been your favorite part of the PC School of Pharmacy?

Being able to get to know so many great pharmacists that have educated me along the way!