P4 Spotlight: Brooke Makowski

Brooke Makowski, from Union, S.C., is on track to earn her PharmD in May.

Here’s more about Brooke –

Why did you decide to become a pharmacist?

During a 6th grade career day event, a Pharmacist spoke with us about their job duties and how it’s sometimes difficult to contact your physician, but pharmacists are so accessible.

That was the day I decided I wanted to become a pharmacist. I’ve been working in a pharmacy since I was 18 years old and have fallen in love with the ability to help the people in my community. I look forward to serving my community throughout my career.

Has the pandemic affected your decision to go into healthcare? How so?

The current coronavirus pandemic has made it even more clear to me that pharmacists are essential in our healthcare system. We work to care for the sick and maintain the healthy.

What has been your favorite part of PC School of Pharmacy?

I’ve always been a very family-oriented person. I loved that PC was like a small family. Everyone knows everyone!

What makes PC School of Pharmacy unique?

When I think about PCSP, the professors stand out to me the most. They sincerely care about their students being successful. The professors go over and beyond in ways that I’m so appreciative of.

One example that I will never forget took place my first year of Pharmacy School. My class and I had an exam coming up and the professor of that class stayed late and studied with us.

I also love that while a student at PCSP, you always have access to the building. There were many times I stayed at the school until the late night hours to prepare for exams.