Student’s Journey from Refugee Camp to Pharmacy School

Coua Xiong-Vang | Student Spotlight | School of Pharmacy | Presbyterian College | Clinton SC
“I chose PC because of our motto of ‘Dum Vivimus Servimus, or ‘While We Live, We Serve,” says second-year pharmacy student Coua Xiong-Vang.

Xiong-Vang was born in a refugee camp in Thailand. Her father was appointed senator of the refugee camp and served in it for nine years. They moved to the U.S. when Xiong-Vang was only two months old.

“A lot of people know of my father because of his service and honor to our community,” Xiong-Vang says. “I chose PC because the motto aligns with what my father did.”

Serving the Needy

Before PC, Xiong-Vang chose healthcare as a way to serve her community. She entered the healthcare field by working as a case manager for Spartanburg Regional’s Health Outcomes program. She served the underserved population, helping to address their medical, mental health and primary care needs.

After working as a case manager, Xiong-Vang became a disease manager and health educator with the Greenville Healthcare System.

“I realized after serving two different populations that medication literacy was a need,” she said.

“One Big Family”

Xiong-Vang left her role to pursue a pharmacy degree at the PC School of Pharmacy. And while she chose the pharmacy school for its commitment to service, Xiong-Vang has found more about the school she loves.

“I love the staff and the atmosphere,” she says. “We are just one big family.

“The staff cares a lot about students’ success and growth. They all have open-door policies and go beyond to make PC a great place to learn.”

Xiong-Vang is involved in pharmacy clubs outside the classroom too. The wife and mother of three is president-elect of the Pharmacy Pediatric Advocacy Group.

“Being a mother, I know the limitations and challenges for pharmacy in regards to pediatrics due to limited clinical studies,” Xiong-Vang says. “I am in this organization because I believe in the vision and mission.”

Her peers also elected her to be the pharmacy school’s Diversity Chair.

“I am an immigrant from Thailand and having diversity at PC is so important to me,” she says. “I want to make sure every single student feels welcome here at PC.”

We Welcome You to Campus

Ready to see the pharmacy school where Coua feels at home? Please call Deanie Kane, the director of admissions, at 864-938-3913 or send her an email.