Pharmacy Students Share What They’re Thankful For

Martin Gordon | School of Pharmacy Presbyterian College | Clinton SC
Now is the time for giving thanks.

We here at the PC School of Pharmacy are thankful for the opportunity to help students along a path to serving others.

We asked a few students what they’re thankful for about pharmacy school.

Here are a few of their replies.

“Amazing friends”

“I am thankful to be at PC because being here as led me to make so many amazing friends. As tough as school and rotations may get, we’re able to bond and motivate each other through it. I just don’t believe that’d I’d have that experience anywhere else.”  – Mekko Brown, P4, Moncks Corner, S.C.

“A faculty and staff at PCSP that have always treated me like family”

“I am thankful for how the faculty and staff at PCSP have always treated me like family.  Walking the halls side by side, and being able to joke with professors creates a comfortable learning environment.

“I am thankful everyday seeing how hard my professors work to provide me with the resources and real-world skills that will better help me, help others. PCSP values their students and goes out of their way to get us rotation sites all over the state in varied fields of pharmacy.

“24/7 access to the school makes it feel even more like home, where there’s Midway BBQ leftovers in the café fridge and the WiFi automatically connects!” – Brooks Darazs, P3, Chapin, S.C.


“I’m thankful that PCSP has opened opportunities for me that I did not think I would have ever have the chance of pursuing. I’m also thankful that PCSP has allowed me to network with some very influential individuals which has allowed me to grow even more personally and professionally.” – Martin Gordon, P3, Potchestroom, South Africa

“A part of this distinguished program”

“I am thankful for being a part of this distinguished program at PCSP because everyone is treated like family.” – Vasilia Pardalakis, P1, Spartanburg, S.C.

“How welcoming the students and faculty are”

“I am thankful to be at PCSP because of how welcoming the students and faculty are. Everyone here is invested in my future, which is  one of the many reasons why I am thankful that I chose PC.” – Roma Patel, P2, Summerville, S.C.

“Collaboration of students and faculty at PCSP”

“First and foremost, I am thankful for God and his guidance for all fellow students at PCSP as we wrap up a great semester. Nothing is possible without him. I am thankful for the collaboration of students and faculty at PCSP.

“I am thankful for the family environment among my colleagues. I am thankful for the honor code, respectful, and supportive environment at PCSP during our last weeks of school before finals.” — Coua Xiong-Vang, P2, Akron, Ohio

“The sense of community that I was looking for”

“Being from the small town of Fountain Inn, South Carolina made finding a school with a strong sense of community important to me. I am thankful for PCSP because it gives me the sense of community that I was looking for with a bonus of exceptional faculty and staff that genuinely care for my well-being. I love how the professors here at PCSP push and challenge me every day both inside and outside of the classroom to make me a better person and ensure that I will be successful in all of my future career endeavors.” – Jessica Yarbrough, P3, Fountain Inn, S.C.

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