Q&A with Becca Foster ’17

Becca Foster, a pharmacist at Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital in Columbia, S.C., talks about being a pharmacist and what she thinks about the PC School of Pharmacy.

Why did you decide to become a pharmacist?

I chose to become a pharmacist because it is a career that combined my love of science and passion for serving others. In college, my decision to pursue a career as a pharmacist was solidified after a medical mission trip to Guatemala, where I was able to serve with pharmacists and other health care professionals. I knew that one day I would like to lead a medical mission team.

Why did you choose PC School of Pharmacy?

I chose PC School of Pharmacy because I attended PC as an undergraduate. I enjoyed the small school environment of PC, where students can easily make connections with other students and professors. I also love that the school’s motto is “Dum Vivimus Servimus,” “While We Live, We Serve,” which aligns with my own beliefs.

How important were the connections you made with faculty members?

One of the most important aspects of the PC School of Pharmacy is the interaction with faculty members. Before I began at the School of Pharmacy, I was able to do research with Dr. Amy Messersmith. After I was accepted into the School of Pharmacy, she became my academic advisor and I was able to continue my research with her. She became a mentor and a friend, and I know I would not have made it through the program without her guidance. Faculty members who take the time to build relationships with students are an invaluable part of the PC School of Pharmacy.

What service efforts were you involved in at the PC School of Pharmacy?

I was involved in various service opportunities at PC. I participated in Drug Take-Back Day, Career Day presentations at Hickory Tavern School and Gray Court School, and a Pharmacogenomics presentation and activity at South Carolina Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics Summer Camp.

Service is important to me because it allows me to live out my beliefs. I am a follower of Christ, and He set the perfect example of love and sacrifice. I want my career as a pharmacist to be my ministry because I believe the difference between a job and a ministry is one’s mindset. I can either treat a job as a way to further my own career and success, or I can use that same job to minister to others and show the love of Christ.

What would you tell a student looking at pharmacy schools now?

A student should consider what type of environment he or she wants in a school. PC School of Pharmacy is a smaller school, so it is an excellent choice for students who value relationships with other students and faculty members. PC’s pharmacy school also provides students with a well-rounded experience, focusing not only on academics but personal and professional development as well.

Do you have questions for us?

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