3 Reasons a Pharmacy Student Chose a Residency (And Why You Should Too)

Don’t wait until your last year of pharmacy school to start thinking about a residency. Now is the time to think about which school can match you with this real-world experience. The right pharmacy residency builds upon what you learn in the classroom and on your pharmacy rotations.

PC School of Pharmacy student Darien Campbell is completing his residency more than 4,000 miles away from campus. He’s gaining valuable clinical experience in a hospital in Nome, Alaska.

Here are three reasons Darien chose a residency. And why one could be a good choice for you too.

Grow Personally and Professionally

Darien grew up in Walterboro, S.C., and has lived in the South his entire life. He
decided a pharmacy residency in Alaska was the perfect opportunity for him to learn more about himself.

“Pharmacy residency programs are very competitive in the U.S., and I did not want to limit myself,” Darien said. “I wanted to have the chance to experience new cultures and environments. I feel like going somewhere new can help shape me as a person.”

Darien’s experience in his Post-Graduate Year 1 residency is helping him decide the type of pharmacist he wants to be too.

You don’t have to travel half a world away to find out who you are as a person and as a pharmacist. The residency right for you may be right next door. But getting this valuable pharmacy experience can be an eye-opening part of your pharmacy education. A residency can help you build a bridge from being a student to being a practitioner.

Serve Others

Darien chose PC School of Pharmacy because of its mission to care for the community. And he looked for opportunities to carry out the mission beginning his first year in pharmacy school. He pitched in at health screenings during wellness events and often volunteered at a local retirement home.

Darien expanded his reach by volunteering on a medical mission trip to Haiti.

“The mission of the pharmacy school aligned with my personal beliefs and values for giving back to the community,” he said. “My experiences in the community throughout the pharmacy program allowed me to remain humble and compassionate.”

It’s no surprise, then, that he’d participate in a residency where he could help others in need. Darien will serve Alaskans in 15 villages in an area so remote you can only get there by plane.

The residency is part of the US Public Health Service. The government agency provides healthcare to underserved populations in rural areas around the country.

Get Specialized Training

Darien learned what it’s really like being a pharmacist by participating in introductory rotations during his first three academic years. He got this practical experience in the fall and spring semesters, instead of over the summer like many pharmacy schools.

And he got even more during his final year of pharmacy school. Nine months of advanced experiences during his fourth year complemented what he learned inside the classroom.

“The curriculum at PC definitely provided me with many tools to be a successful pharmacist,” Darien said. “The world of pharmacy is quickly evolving each year, and I feel like my education at PC has prepared me to remain up-to-date and confident.”

Darien’s residency is doing the same thing.

In Alaska, he’s taking what he learned in pharmacy school and is applying it to the hospital setting. At the same time, he’s receiving specialized training that will only continue to keep him up to date and confident.

After all, there’s no substitute for experience.

Apply Now

Darien’s not the only PC School of Pharmacy student who has landed a hard-to-get residency. We’ve helped many students find residencies that have set them up for successful pharmacy careers.

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