Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy honors Jacob Hall on Superhero Day


CLINTON, S.C. – On Wednesday, Oct. 5, students, faculty, and staff at the Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy wore superhero T-shirts to honor the family and memory of Jacob Hall, the six-year-old who passed away Saturday from an act of violence at Townville Elementary in Anderson, S.C.

“One of the overarching themes of the PC pharmacy experience is a commitment to care for the community,” said Katie Anderson, a pharmacy student. “Some days it comes in medication counseling, other days in reassuring someone who is afraid of needles that a vaccine is for her benefit. Today, that promise to care involved wearing superhero T-shirts. This is a small gesture to say even in the darkest times, in the face of tragedy, in your hour of greatest need, we’ll stand by you. I may not have super powers, but I’m here to share in your humanity. I care about what happens to you.”

The display was meant to show support for this family and the other families who have faced similar tragedies over the past year.

“This has really hit home for me; maybe because my oldest is just about his exact age or my son loves superheroes,” said Dr. Kayce Shealy, associate professor of pharmacy practice. “Either way, it’s really brought perspective and made me thankful for the many blessings I have.”


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