PCSP Students Helping in Kenya



The month of May found PCSP students Mennie Zoogley, Cynthia Tambou, and Brittany Thompson joining with the undergraduate students on a mission trip to Kenya, Africa.  The students worked in the PCEA Kikuyu Hospital with the pharmacist and the attending physician. Half of the day was spent in the pharmacy while the other half was spent working in clinic with doctor (observing patients getting consultations), rounding with the doctors, surgery, or dispensing medications with the pharmacist on duty.

“Going to Kenya was life changing humbling experience. Getting to meet different types of people and exploring the health care field in a different country was exciting and thrilling to me as a student. I enjoyed the opportunity to see my future profession in a beautiful country was fun and informative. Not only did we work with the welcoming staff at the hospital, we had the opportunity to build a church, dormitory, and interact with the children in the community, ” said Brittany Thompson. ” I believe other students should take the opportunity to go on mission trip to touch other people’s lives and experience a new culture. Pharmacy is different all over the world why not seize the moment.”