Camp Porcupine 2014


Camp Porcupine 2014

During the week of June 17th-20th, Camp Porcupine was in full swing at the Greenwood YMCA. The camp, sponsored by Self Regional, has been held for the last 21 years as a week long summer day camp designed for children with diabetes. This year, 14 children between the ages of 6-18 years old were involved.
Most children had Type 1 diabetes although there were a few with Type 2 diabetes. The camp is organized and run by Rebecca Wise, a diabetes educator with Self Regional. With her expertise and guidance the camp is an annual success. For the past few years, Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy has also helped to make Camp Porcupine possible. This year, like many years before, faculty members and students from all levels of the PCSP curriculum volunteered their time to assist with the camp. Their assistance was vital to ensuring the camp ran smoothly and safely.
Students were involved with blood sugar checks throughout the day, correcting low blood sugars, counting carbohydrates in meals and snacks in order to properly dose insulin, directing craft and educational activities, cheering on campers as they climbed the ropes course and even being the targets of water balloon fights.
All parties enjoyed themselves and learned a lot about managing diabetes in the process. PCSP looks forward to many years assisting with Camp Porcupine to ensure these children with diabetes have a good time, know how to care for themselves and realize that they are not the only ones with the condition.

Volunteers included: Dr. Sarah Wagner, Dr. Eileen Ward, Nichole Rhinehart, Class of 2015 ,Tyler Kraft, Class of 2015, Brittany Bokern, Class of 2016, Courtney Daniel, Class of 2016, Taylor Archambault, Class of 2016, Brian Fierova, Class of 2016, Cynthia Tamboue, Class of 2016, Kathy Tran, Class of 2016.