PC School of Pharmacy Community Service Day

PC School of Pharmacy Community Service Day

The third week of August is a busy time at the Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy as the incoming P1 class joins the faculty and staff in embracing the Presbyterian College school motto of Dum Vivimus Servimus or “While we live, We Serve” and the School of Pharmacy motto “Care for the Community,” with Community Service Day.

Every year, as part of the new graduate student (P1) orientation week, one morning is set aside to have the students, faculty, and staff go out to various locations in the Clinton, Laurens, and Greenwood areas to help local groups and organizations.  There are signup sheets listing the different local groups and their needs so the students can see what service opportunities are available and where they might wish to help the most.  “Having our P1 students participate in Community Service Day is a great way to inculcate in them the importance of service as a future pharmacist and introduce them to the expected culture here at the PCSP,” said Dr. Scott Asbill, Chair of the Pharmaceutical & Administrative Sciences department and Professor of Pharmaceutics.  “Each year it is delightful to see students, staff, administrators, and faculty all working together on community service projects. It’s a unique opportunity for the PCSP family that sets us apart from other pharmacy programs.”

Students, faculty and staff spend the morning out in the field doing everything from helping with door-to-door food distribution or helping at the local soup kitchen, to interacting with local residents at Bailey Manor Retirement Home or the Presbyterian Community Home,  to sorting donations at several of the thrift stores, to cleaning up areas that were affected by the unusual amount of rain we’ve experienced lately, to working with the animals at the Greenwood Humane Society.