Increasing Research at PCSP

Dr Alfonso Romero-Sandoval at PCSP

PCSP is proud to welcome Dr. Alfonso Romero-Sandoval to the Department of Pharmaceutical and Administrative Sciences.  Alfonso received his MD from the University of San Carlos in Guatemala, his Ph.D. from the University of Alcala in Madrid, Spain.  He then completed his postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Jim Eisenachat Wake Forest University before becoming a faculty member at Dartmouth Medical School.

Alfonso’s research interests include understanding the spinal mechanisms that are responsible for the switch from acute to chronic post-surgical pain.  “Pain is a devastating human condition that is difficult to treat,” says Romero-Sandoval. He hopes his work “will one day have a tremendous impact on patients.”  His research has been funded by the National Institutes of Health and the American Pain Society and has produced a number of very seminal papers in his field.

He has recently been awarded a competitive 3-year grant through the Scholars in Pain Program from the Rita Allen Foundation to study “Spinal Cord Mechanisms in the Resolution of Postoperative Pain.”   The Rita Allen Foundation “recognizes researchers for their important achievements in pain research and funds them with the latitude to translate their research findings from bench to bedside.  We are thrilled to have Dr. Romero-Sandoval join our faculty at PCSP,” says Sarah Sweitzer, Ph.D., Director of Research at PCSP.