Claflin Student Completes Research Project at PCSP

Claflin Student Completes Research Project at PCSP

Kibba Fogle, a senior at Claflin University, spent this summer on the campus of the Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy completing a research project.  Kibba is a part of the Three + Four Dual-Degree Articulation Agreement that will allow her to earn a Bachelor of Science degree from Claflin University and a doctorate in pharmacy from the PC School of Pharmacy.

While at the PCSP, Kibba worked with professor, Dr. Sarah Sweitzer, to complete a research project.  Kibba tested using daphnia (water fleas) as a rapid inexpensive screen to new pain medication.  Kibba formed different models to test the sensory ability of the daphnia.  Kibba is currently writing her findings for IMPULSE, an undergraduate neuroscience journal.  In addition, she will present her findings in a poster at the SYNAPSE meeting, a regional undergraduate neuroscience meeting in the spring of 2013.

Outside of completing research, Kibba was able to gain experiences that model the PCSP and will make her a more well-rounded pharmacy student.  She had the opportunity to shadow Dr. Charles Shively in the PCSP Community Pharmacy and a local pharmacist with CVS in Clinton.  Kibba also shadowed staff pharmacists in a hospital setting.  The goal was to get Kibba familiar with pharmacy as a profession and the different career path pharmacists have.

In addition to shadowing different pharmacists, Kibba was able to volunteer at the local United Ministries Food Bank on Tuesdays.  “Volunteering at the food bank was one of my best community service experiences because everything came in thankful.  Seeing people smile really touches me,” Kibba said.

When asked about her experience at the PCSP, Kibba said, “My experience has been excellent.  I love how the town is so welcoming.  I see that Presbyterian is out in the community.  I have only been told positive things when it comes to the school.  The PCSP has a beautifully designed facility, and I can’t wait to become a pharmacy student here in Fall 2013!”