Pharmacy school center inspires entrepreneurs

The Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) at Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy (PCSP) has completed the first series of workshops for students on building skills for entrepreneurial success.

In January of this year PCSP launched the Center for Entrepreneurial Development which will present a series of workshops to selected students. The workshops are designed to provide students with the practical business skills that they will need to own and operate their own businesses or take a product to market.

The workshops already presented include; “Developing a Strategy for Success for Your Small Business,” “Building a Business Plan for Your Entrepreneurial Venture,” and “Guerrilla Marketing Strategies.”  The CED is developing 12-16 workshops that will be offered as evening workshops for students. Members of the local business community have also attended the workshops.

“We are pleased with the interest shown by the students and community for the workshop courses,” said Dr. Richard Stull, dean of PCSP.  “Individuals participating in the workshops are engaged and motivated to go out and make a difference in the world.”

As part of the commitment to giving back to the community, the workshop series is open to interested members of the local community, several of which have expressed strong support and application for their individual success.