P1s, new professors sign Honor Code

First-year School of Pharmacy students, or P1s, and new professors signed the Honor Code during a recent ceremony at Opening Convocation on the PC campus. According to Honor Council chair and P2 Julie Knox, the Honor Code is an integral part of the pharmacy school.

“Signing the Honor Code is crucial to creating the trusting environment that is needed for interactions not only between students, but also students and their professors,” Knox said. “Everyone pledges to refrain from being dishonest not only regarding schoolwork, but also in daily life.”

The Honor Code states:

“On my honor, I will abstain from all deceit. I will neither give nor receive unacknowledged aid in my academic work, nor will I permit such action by any member of this community. I will respect the persons and property of the community, and will not condone discourteous or dishonest treatment of these by my peers. In my every act, I will seek to maintain a high standard of honesty and truthfulness for myself and for the College.”

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