School of Pharmacy partners with Claflin University

Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy

The Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy recently entered into a historic agreement with Claflin University.

The schools’ Three+Four Dual-Degree Articulation Agreement in Bio-chemistry and Pharmacy allows Claflin students to earn a Bachelor of Science degree from Claflin University and a doctorate in pharmacy from the PC School of Pharmacy over a seven-year period.

“The agreement allows the School of Pharmacy to move closer to our stated strategic initiative of achieving a student body and graduating class that more closely matches the population of South Carolina,” said Dr. Dick Stull, dean of the PC School of Pharmacy. “Claflin has a quality program and a rich tradition of graduating students that are community leaders.”

According to Stull, the agreement helps to attract minorities to study in health care fields.

“Approximately 30% of our population is African-American, but less than 10% of our graduating classes in the health professions are minority,” Stull said. “There is a huge health care disparity in our region, and graduating leaders that can help address those problems is significant.

“We have to do a better job, and the Claflin agreement is a great step in the right direction.”