American Heart Month

American Heart Month

Pharmacy Students Raise Heart Awareness

February 16, 2011 – In honor of the American Heart Association’s “American Heart Month,” students from the Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy set up a booth outside the Self Regional Healthcare Clinic, located on the campus of the Pharmacy School, to provide incoming patients with information about eating right and living heart healthy. In addition to answering general questions from patients, the students provided literature on how to lower one’s cholesterol, how to main proper eating and exercise habits, and how to learn more about heart disease and stroke.

Students participated in these awareness efforts as part of their pre-approved pharmacy community service hours for the year. When asked why they chose this particular activity to participate in, students emphasized the importance of disease prevention. Spokesman for the group, Joshua Nesbitt, said, “There are certain diseases and illnesses that can be prevented if people are educated about them and their risk factors. Being aware of genetic risk factors and age risk factors, eating right, and exercising are all ways that we can lower our risk of heart disease and stroke. Pharmacy is not just treating diseases but also being aware of how to prevent them.”