CPR Certification

CPR Certification

Pharmacy Students Receive CPR Certification

January 24, 2011 –  Pharmacy students from the Presbyterian College Pharmacy School received CPR and rescue breathing training from the American Heart Association as part of their practical lab work. Trainers from the American Heart Association were on hand to teach students the proper technique for resuscitating someone who may have lost consciousness.

Students practiced cardiopulmonary resuscitation techniques on life-size mannequins, and were able to watch the chest rise as they performed rescue breathing.  In addition to working with adult mannequins, pharmacy students also worked with infant mannequins, which require a different CPR technique. In addition to CPR, the students also learned to clear a blocked airway and practiced the Heimlich maneuver on their mannequin patients.

After the students had absorbed the material, and practiced their technique, they were asked to demonstrate their new skills in a mock scenario. Upon successful completion of this test, the students were awarded AHA certification.