PCSP Alumnae

Nancy Hope ’04 and Erin Grogan ‘09 found a way to do what most alumni think about doing: stay at PC. But, instead of becoming career students, the two joined the staff of the Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy. Hope is an assistant professor within the School of Pharmacy, and Grogan is the director of admissions.

“Being back at my alma mater is like a dream come true,” Hope said. “It truly brings the biggest smile to my face when I think about the pharmacy education that our students are receiving at PCSP and how they are going to take PC’s motto ‘Dum Vivimus Servimus’ to make PC, our surrounding communities, and our pharmacy profession proud.”

After earning a biology degree from PC, Hope went on to earn a doctor of pharmacy degree from the University of South Carolina. She then trained for two years at the University of Tennessee Medical Center, specializing in inpatient internal medicine.

Hope teaches courses in medication therapy management and pharmacy elective courses such as emergency medicine and drug-induced disease, among others. She also assists in the Pharmacy Integrated Lab Sequence and dedicates time to developing a pharmacy practice site at Self Regional Healthcare in Greenwood, SC.

Grogan never left PC, becoming the director of admissions at the School of Pharmacy two weeks after graduating. She was responsible for helping to recruit the school’s founding class.

“PC was home to me for four years,” Grogan said, “so it just felt right to stay here.”

The Christian education major and sociology minor helps prospective students with the application process. During the fall she travels to colleges and universities across the southeast, and she helps accepted students with the matriculation process.