Tornado Safety Plan

During a severe weather event, the following actions should be taken:

  • Move away from windows to an interior room on the 1st floor.
  • Most stairwells would be a good location (try to get as close to the bottom floor as possible).

The good news about the Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy building (formerly Frampton Hall) is that it was built many years ago and is a solid concrete structure.  We just want to specifically point out some of our recommended “safe zones”.  As in the case of a fire, it is best to close the doors as you leave and close the doors around your safe zone.  Please do not lock the doors in the safe zone.  Also, never pull the fire alarm during a tornado emergency.

Presbyterian College Employees and students will receive information through emergency communication methods such as the RAVE Alert Emergency Notification System when a tornado warning is issued by the National Weather Service.

Click here for Tornado Safety and Recommended Safe Zones

Note: A tornado warning means that a tornado has been spotted or indicated by weather radar in the area.