Preceptor (Prĭ–sĕp‘-tər, prē‘-sĕp’-tər) n.  An instructor or a skilled practitioner in a field of work who gives one-to-one in-service training to students in their practices or other places of work.

Pharmacy student Preceptors are both teachers and mentors.  As such, the individuals who serve as Preceptors for PCSP students are eligible for adjunct faculty appointments.

Although the vast majority are indeed themselves pharmacists, many represent other key members of the patient care team.  Physicians, Dieticians, and Nurses also serve as Preceptors for certain elective student experiences.  The Preceptor tools, links, and other resources provided by the PCSP Office of Experiential Education –continually being updated and available via this website – are intended to assist pharmacy student mentors in becoming both comfortable and proficient in their mentoring roles.


Apply to be a Preceptor

Preceptor Manual — The manual for all things Preceptor Related

Preceptor Guide for IPPE Evaluations on CORE

Preceptor Library Resources — Access to the Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy library resources for Preceptors.

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