Admissions Requirements

Admission Factors

Factors that will be considered regarding admission include:

Both academic factors and non-academic factors are considered in selecting applicants for admission. Academic factors are employed to select applicants who are prepared to succeed in a rigorous professional curriculum. Non-academic factors are included to select applicants who will fulfill the mission of Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy to improve the health of South Carolinians and society in general by developing students with an unwavering ethical foundation who will positively impact the delivery of quality, equitable pharmacy care; who will dedicate their lives to community service; and who will provide enlightened leadership in addressing the health care needs of a diverse patient population.

Academic Factors - Admission

Academic factors that will be considered regarding admission include:

Non-Academic Factors - Admission

Non-academic factors that will be considered regarding admission include:

  1. Written communication skills

    • Included in the PCAT
  2. Volunteerism*
    • History of involvement in and service to the community
  3. Leadership*
    • Leadership experience
    • Extracurricular activities
  4. Professional exploration*
    • Pharmacy work experience
    • Internships in pharmacy
    • Volunteer efforts related to pharmacy and healthcare
    • Shadowing pharmacists
    • Interviewing pharmacists
  5. Letters of recommendation
    • At least 2 letters are required: a professional reference from a pharmacist and an academic reference from a college professor
    • Recommendations from family members will NOT be accepted
  6. Interview results
    • Based upon the above information, applicants will be selected to visit campus for an interview. Admission is competitive and selection for an interview does not guarantee admission.
    • Any student who has completed all the pre-pharmacy coursework at Presbyterian College with a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or above and fulfills all requirements for admission is guaranteed an interview with the School of Pharmacy.
    • The Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy admissions interview is a structured interview process that is designed to assess core competencies that are difficult to measure via an application alone. These competencies are:
      • commitment to the pharmacy profession
      • communication skills
      • empathy
      • ethical and moral reasoning
      • interpersonal skills
      • motivation

*Volunteerism, leadership, and professional exploration will be measured based on responses to the supplemental application form, thus applicants are encouraged to carefully complete these portions of the supplemental application regardless of information already included in the PharmCAS application.

Other Considerations

To increase competitiveness and qualify for fall interviews, applicants are strongly encouraged to apply by November 1. In addition to the factors listed above, preference will be given to applicants who:

  • hold a previous degree,
  • enhance the diversity of the student body,
  • are from rural or underserved areas of South Carolina, or
  • complete their pre-pharmacy requirements at Presbyterian College

In order to be accepted, applicants must demonstrate fluency in both spoken and written English.

Applicants must also provide documentation that they have completed all required immunizations and successfully complete a criminal background check prior to matriculation.

Pre-Admission Requirements following acceptance into the program

Students matriculating into the Occupational Therapy Doctoral Program at Presbyterian College will be required to undergo a criminal background check (CBC)/10-panel drug screening prior to beginning the program. The criminal background check is a mandatory prerequisite for matriculation into the professional program. The criminal background check is not a component of the application or interview process and is not conducted or reported until after an applicant is conditionally accepted to the program.

Once a student has been conditionally accepted into the program, they will receive a Presbyterian College email address. Students will then receive an email to their Presbyterian College email address from EXXAT allowing students access to a link with instructions to request their background check and drug screening. This is due August 1st, 2023 in order to matriculate into the program.

Students must additionally upload the following to their EXXAT profile. Please update any vaccines if needed.

  • Criminal Background Check (CBC) (Universal) (request through student EXXAT profile)
  • 10-panel drug screen (request through student EXXAT profile)
  • MMR Titer (booster required if negative)
  • Varicella Titer (booster required if negative)
  • Hep B Titer (booster required if negative)
  • Tetanus/Tdap (received after 1/1/2015)
  • COVID-19 vaccine/booster or filed declination form
  • Annual Two-step TB test
  • Physical Exam
  • Proof of Health Insurance
  • ID

* All forms will be available on the EXXAT public profile page.


If you have questions about the application process, please email or call (864) 938-3913