Presbyterian College’s curriculum presents knowledge, teaching care management, and opportunities to demonstrate newly-learned skills. We utilize an applied and integrated model of medication therapy management — a process that helps students understand just how the complex elements of pharmacy fit together.

Pharmacy Practice Experiences

Experiencing pharmacy and how the classroom relates to practice is fundamental to understanding the profession. Therefore, during the first three years of the program, experiential (practice site) opportunities are threaded throughout the curriculum. The fourth year is spent almost entirely in practice settings.


Our faculty includes award-winning teachers, student advocates, and experienced pharmacy practitioners.  You will have opportunities to interact with these exceptional faculty members in the classroom, by dropping by their offices, at student functions, and through professional organizations.


While there is no substitute for daily interaction with our outstanding faculty, our program also enjoys a technology-rich campus. You’ll use your computer in the classroom and in a wireless environment to access lecture materials, seek input from classmates, conduct research, submit assignments, and review classroom lectures. You will also use state-of-the-art human simulators to develop assessment skills and observe drug reactions on the body.


The School of Pharmacy is housed in a modern wireless facility near Presbyterian College. Features include an operational pharmacy for teaching and assessment in a practice environment, a Family Health Care Clinic, multiple auditorium-style classrooms, small discussion rooms to accommodate problem-based learning groups, laboratories for skills development, and designated areas to build learning communities.


Imagine a campus where you can leave your backpack unattended, take exams without a proctor, and respect is the norm.  An environment of trust is possible because all members of the PC community pledge to maintain a high standard of honesty and truthfulness.


Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy places a high value on advocacy, activism, and outreach; therefore, service learning is integrated throughout our pharmacy program.  We strongly encourage all faculty, staff, and students to participate in community service activities in conjunction with Presbyterian College Student Volunteer Services, local churches, clubs, civic organizations, student organizations, or professional organizations.


Clinton, SC “where everyone knows your name” affords students the benefits of small-town living with close proximity to urban amenities. Presbyterian College will offer you one of the most enjoyable educational experiences in the region.