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Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship (IE) program fosters professional development through creative thinking and cultivation of an entrepreneurial spirit.

Aligned with the School of Pharmacy’s mission to Care for the Community, students learn to apply sound business principles to address the health care needs of a diverse and dynamic population, resulting in improved health. The IE program challenges students to develop innovative solutions to various challenges facing the pharmacy profession today. In addition, the IE program offers a nationally-known certificate through the Kauffman FastTrac, a part of the Kauffman Foundation, whose mission is to foster economic independence through education and entrepreneurship. The FastTrac®Planning the Entrepreneurial Venture™ offers an interactive learning approach and is well-suited for students interested in learning the basics of entrepreneurship.

Programs are periodically held throughout the year to provide opportunities for students to network with and learn from successful entrepreneurs in a variety of fields.


All requirements must be completed in order to receive the Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate.

P1 year:
  • Attend one IE event
  • Complete and submit the application
  • Interview an entrepreneur and reflect on your findings
P2 year:
  • Assess entrepreneurial strengths
  • Complete entrepreneurial elective in spring
    • Complete all components of the FastTrac® certificate
  • Attend 2 IE events, or other approved offerings
P3 year:
  • Present a business plan at IE event
  • Attend 1 additional IE event, or other approved offerings
P4 year:
  • Complete an entrepreneurial-focused APPE elective
  • Complete entrepreneurial reflection and evaluation of the program

Innovation Entrepreneurship Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy

Past Events

“Why Advocacy Matters: Independent Pharmacies vs. Big Pharma”
Hollis (Chip) Felkel, CEO of Felkel Group
October 12, 2018

“Non-traditional Pharmacy Career Path”
Christi Epps, Pharm.D., CEO of Long’s Drug Store
November 15, 2017

“Tips to successfully operate a pharmacy store: The Dos and Don’ts of Pharmacy Ownership”
Roberta Vining, Pharm.D. and Roberta Vining, Pharm.D., owners of Riley’s Drugs
October 12, 2017

“Making failure a part of every successful business plan”
Dr. Serge Afeli, Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Assistant Professor of Pharmacology
February 10, 2017

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