2016 — 2017 Tuition and Fees

Cost per semester
Cost per year
Tuition $ 16,645.00 $ 33,290.00
Fees $ 757.00 $ 1,515.00
Lab Fees (fall only) $ 100.00 $ 100.00
Books $ 400.00 $ 800.00
$ 17,902.00
$ 35,705.00

*All estimated costs are projected and subject to approval by the Board of Trustees of Presbyterian College.

Tuition Deposit

A $1,000 non-refundable tuition deposit is required of accepted students to indicate the intent to matriculate in Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy.  A student must remit the deposit by the deadline stated in his/her acceptance letter to retain his/her proffered seat in the class.  Upon matriculation, this deposit will be applied to the first semester’s tuition bill. The tuition deposit is waived for Early Decision applicants.

Financial Aid

For financial aid information, please view the financial aid page for pharmacy students.


Students may apply for a scholarship through the School of Pharmacy. The School of Pharmacy will send deposited students information about applying for a scholarship at the end of the spring semester.


Off-campus housing is available in the surrounding area.  Students must arrange for off-campus housing individually. Room and board is not included in tuition since off-campus housing is provided by private industry and not Presbyterian College.

Included Fees:

Fees cover the following items:

  • a yearly lease of computer
  • software usage of E*Value, Lexi-Comp, Library Resources, classroom recordings, Turning Point, and Sim Man
  • Immunizations and criminal background check during the program
  • parking decals
  • copies
  • potential travel
  • RxPrep
  • PCOA
  • and other needs throughout the course of each semester.

The cost of books is averaged across 6 didactic semesters and includes necessary subscription services.

Lab fees cover the certifications for CPR and immunization training through courses that are offered in the fall semester only during the P1-P3 years.  The fees range from $75-$100.  When the student registers for that particular course, the lab fee will automatically be added to his/her bill.

Students enrolled in the School of Pharmacy have professional liability coverage provided by the School for those activities that are a direct result of student learning, such as participating in experiential learning. Please note that this coverage does not extend to outside employment, summer internships, or internships independent of School of Pharmacy coursework.

Students are required to maintain health insurance coverage throughout the program and are responsible for the associated cost.

Additional Expenses

– Admissions PharmCAS Application Fee – $150
– Drug Screen – $45
– Summer Tuition, per credit hour – $650
– Part-Time Tuition (hourly semester rate), per credit hour – $950
– Graduation Fee – $150 (Fee covers the cost of doctoral hood, diploma, and diploma cover.  This fee is charged during the semester before graduation only)