The Pharmacy Faculty Research Laboratory is on the second floor in the School of Pharmacy.

The laboratory is composed of seven laboratories which provide all of the necessary resources for the diverse research interests of the PCSP faculty. Additionally, through collaborations with PC Arts and Science Faculty, the Pharmacy Faculty have access to additional research resources in Biology, Chemistry and Psychology Departments.


The PCSP Research Laboratories (4600 square feet) is housed in Rooms 240 and 241, on the second floor of the PCSP Building. Our fully-equiped facilities include the following: The glassware and autoclave room, The tissue culture laboratory, The microbiology laboratory, The BSL-2 laboratory, The quantitative analysis laboratory, The general purpose research laboratory, and the Teaching laboratory.

The Glassware and Autoclave Room
The Tissue Culture Laboratory
The Microbiology Laboratory
The BSL-2 Laboratory
The Quantitative Analysis Laboratory
The General Purpose Research Laboratory
The Pharmacy Science Laboratory