Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy (PCSP) has created the Pharmacy Research Summer Interns (PRSI) program to enrich the academic experience of pharmacy students through research opportunities in pharmacy practice, pharmaceutical administration, pharmaceutics, and biomedical sciences. The PRSI program enables students to build faculty mentoring relationships, professional research experience, and to creatively explore their interests at a more in-depth level than can be attained in the classroom. The PRSI program provides opportunities for pharmacy students to build a competitive edge in the job market.

Each intern receives a $3,000 stipend for 8 weeks of full-time faculty-mentored research at PCSP. Students are responsible for their own housing. This highly competitive program runs from June 3-July 26, 2019. Selection is based on the student’s previous academic success, their interest in Pharmacy research, and the matching of student research interests with a participating faculty at PCSP.