Serge A. Afeli, Ph.D., MSHA

Associate Professor of Pharmacology
Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
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Office: 221


  • Executive master’s degree in healthcare administration (eMSHA), University of Alabama at Birmingham, August 2021
  • Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of South Carolina College of Pharmacy, Columbia, SC 2013
  • B.S. Physical Sciences, Kansas State University, Manhattan KS 2007
  • Adjunct Faculty in Pharmacology, General Chemistry, and Maths, Newberry College, Newberry 2013-2014
  • Adjunct Faculty in General and Organic Chemistry Labs, Presbyterian College, Clinton 2013-2014

Teaches in :

  • PHRM 5202 Healthcare Systems and Socioeconomics
  • PHRM 5207 Principles of Pathophysiology I
  • PHRM 6109 Principles of Pathophysiology II
  • PHRM 6103 Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Renal
  • PHRM 6104 Medication Therapy Management (MTM) cardiovascular
  • PHRM 7105 Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Neurosensory
  • PHRM 9020 Entrepreneurial Development and Business Strategies

Professional Interests:

  • Investigation of the role of ion channels and drug transporters in cancer chemoresistance.
  • Implementation of diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies in the workplace
  • Design and use of novel technology and mobile applications to enhance students’ learning outcomes


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Fun Fact:

I am a former Kansas State University Men’s Basketball Player (2005 – 2007). I can speak and write in French fluently.