P4 Spotlight: Anna Wyatt

Anna Wyatt, from Inman, S.C., is on track to earn her PharmD in May.

Here’s a little about Anna —

Why did you decide to become a pharmacist?

To bridge the understanding between providers and patients about their disease states and medications and lifestyle changes to treat them.

Has the pandemic affected your decision to go into healthcare? How so?

If anything it has solidified the decision because it’s required all pharmacists, retail and hospital, to do research on the current evidence so they can filter out false and misleading information to better inform patients and providers about prevention and treatment of this infection. It has put a spotlight on the role of the pharmacist in the community and on the healthcare team.

What has been your favorite part of PC School of Pharmacy?

Building relationships with faculty that truly seem to care about our success and the support students give each other.

What makes PC School of Pharmacy unique?

A culture that inspires giving, kindness, and professionalism.