Q&A with Pharmacy Professor Dr. Tommy Johnson

Dr. Tommy Johnson | Pharmacy Professor | School of Pharmacy | Presbyterian College | Clinton SCPharmacy professor Dr. Tommy Johnson has taught at big and small pharmacy schools. He talks about what students can expect from both in this short Q&A.

1. What do you love about teaching at PC School of Pharmacy?

Teaching face-to-face allows me to engage students in discussions. Being able to interact with a smaller group of students allows you to get to know the students on a more personal level.

2. What makes PC School of Pharmacy different from other pharmacy schools?

Our primary focus is teaching, whether your instructor teaches basic science or is a clinical pharmacy professor, . We do have research and clinical practice sites, but our primary focus is teaching. Being located in a small community, small class sizes, lectures delivered by the professors “live” in the classroom instead of through video conferencing, and increased student access to professors all make PC’s pharmacy school different.

3. Why should a student choose to earn their PharmD at PC?

Being located in a small town without a lot of the distractions of a big city provides an opportunity to stay more focused on school and the finish line. It is still up to the student to prioritize their education over other things. Students have the opportunity to engage more with their professors if they have their lectures delivered live instead of from another campus.

Students have access to their professors if they need them. Students can get help clarifying concepts or simply have conversations with their professors. Students miss out on this level of engagement if their lectures are delivered from another campus.

Dr. Tommy Johnson is a professor of pharmacy practice at Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy. He teaches courses in self-care, ethics and complementary medicine, among others. Dr. Johnson earned his Doctor of Pharmacy and bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from the University of South Carolina.

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