“PC School of Pharmacy felt like home”

Samantha Hill Eachues went to a large state school for undergrad and loved it there. But when it was time to take the next step in becoming a pharmacist, she was ready for a different environment.

“PC School of Pharmacy felt like home for me,” Samantha said. “From the interview process to graduation, PC never made me feel like I was ‘just another student.’”

During her undergraduate days, Samantha was one of many in large classes. Not at PC, though.

“Coming from a larger university for undergrad, where I was lucky to know one other individual, to coming to PCSP and knowing everyone in my class was like a huge family,” Samantha said. “When I got to the small class sizes at PCSP, I knew that was the perfect fit for me.

“The camaraderie between faculty and students is amazing.”

Because of the small class sizes, Samantha could form relationships with students and professors. The faculty members weren’t just there to relay information; they were there to help make sure students succeeded.

And Samantha didn’t just notice the difference in classes.

“There wasn’t a day that you didn’t walk around on one of the floors and find at least one student in a faculty member’s office,” Samantha said. “No matter what the problem was, someone’s door was always open.

“Not only did they help us, but they also celebrated our accomplishments with us. While these relationships were valuable then, I still keep in touch with many of the faculty and appreciate these relationships even more now as peers.”

Samantha, now a pharmacist with Palmetto Health in Columbia, SC, said her preceptors at the PC School of Pharmacy helped prepare her for her career too.

“My preceptors were some of the best around,” she said. “They provided me with the hands-on tools that couldn’t be taught in the classroom.”

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