PC Social Entrepreneurship and Research Mission Trip: Cuba


Presbyterian College is offering both undergraduate and pharmacy graduate students a chance to participate in a summer semester elective/mission trip in PHRM 9025 Social Entrepreneurship & Research in Pharmacy (Trip to Cuba). This course is designed to expose students to various ideas and implementation strategies of social entrepreneurship models and research projects as they relate to pharmacy as a community service. This course will provide students with an interdisciplinary, multi-cultural experience in servicing communities utilizing entrepreneurship and research strategies. Students will receive seminars and visit different sites that will facilitate the understanding of social challenges and business and research opportunities in Cuba. The course also include talks to better understand the cultural and economic situations in Cuba and how pharmacy research and entrepreneurship could foster a strong long lasting friendly relationship between Cuba and United Stated. A mission component will allow students to serve local communities.

Cuban guest lectures and site visits include the following topics:

– Social entrepreneurship

– Cuba economy and business

– Social service and mission trips in Cuba

– Cuban Health Care system

– New and micro business in Cuba

– Medical turism in Cuba

– Pharmaceutical Business and join ventures in Cuba

– Research done in Molecular Immunology institute (cancer vaccines, antibodies, etc.)

Cultural activities include:

– A mission service trip to Matanzas

– Visit to Fabrica de Arte Cubano

– A trip to visit the cultural cities of Cienfuegos and Trinidad.

– Tour to the historic place Hotel Nacional

– Dinners is historic restaurants


Application and deposit deadline is January 24, 2017.

Dates of the trip are May 19-29, 2017.

This program includes an international component, a trip to Cuba, for the last two weeks of May, and a local component with assigned activities that will be carried out during the fall semester.

For more information click here to see the flyer, or email Prof. Alfonso Romero-Sandoval, Office of Research at the PC School of Pharmacy or Rev. Dr. Jeri Perkins, First Presbyterian Church of Clinton, PC Board of Trustees.