Text Message Alerts

Join the PC TEAM – Text Emergency Alert Messages

If you would like to receive text message alerts on your cell phone or simultaneous e-mail alert messages in the event of an emergency on campus, please use the form below to provide your cell phone number and carrier.

Note that when you enter your cell phone number, you must include the dashes. This service is optional; you may sign up at your discretion.

Save this link on your computer so you may use it again if you decide to change your number or carrier.

Be aware that you are responsible for any cost assessed by your cell phone carrier for text messages. Because delivery of text messages is dependent on a number of variables, including your location at the time a message is sent, PC cannot guarantee that an alert will reach you. Our goal, however, is to communicate time-sensitive and urgent messages to as many people associated with the college as possible.

After submitting your cell phone number to e2Campus, the next link you will be shown is the home page for e2Campus. You will need your cell phone with you and on to log in to the system. You will be sent a message with your code to enter in order to be fully registered.

Please include dashes when filling in your mobile phone number.

Username may be the same as your PC login name – the part before “@presby.edu” in your e-mail address.