Monday, August 17 – Friday, August 21, 2015

Course Description

This course is a one-week orientation workshop for P1 students prior to the start of the regular fall class schedule.  Provides students with an understanding of the School of Pharmacy and Presbyterian College policies and procedures.  Introduction to technology, teaching methods, and modalities utilized at the school.  Students will be trained on the use and importance of a student portfolio electronic system to be utilized throughout the four-year program.

Course Objectives

  • Effectively work with classmates with different backgrounds and personality types.
  • Become familiar with School of Pharmacy and Presbyterian College policies, standards, assessment, and expectations.
  • Learn strategies for managing time, studying, and working in groups effectively.
  • Discuss the values of honor and service as they relate to the profession of pharmacy.
  • Formulate a personal understanding of professionalism.


Course Learning Outcomes (ACPE Appendix B Outcomes)

  • Ethics:  principles of professional behavior, dealing with ethical dilemmas, ethical issues in teamwork
  • Professional Communication: effective verbal and written interpersonal communication, assertiveness and problem-solving techniques, group presentation skills, strategies for handling difficult situations
  • Social and Behavioral Aspects of Practice:  pharmacy as a patient-centered profession


PC Twelve Competencies met by this Course

  • Communication
  • Inter-professional Interaction and Teamwork
  • Personal and Professional Growth
  • Promotion of Health and Public Welfare


Class Meeting Times

August 17 – August 21:

Click here to view the Pharmacy Orientation Schedule of Events


Active Learning Techniques

Interactive lecture (incorporating interactive notes, classroom response questions, discussion questions), guest speakers, group discussion, group project, student oral presentations, role play, experiential education, and service learning.


Attendance and Participation

There is a 100% attendance policy for this course.