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Please use the request form below to ask a non-urgent drug information question. Every attempt will be made to respond to the request in a timely fashion.

If your request is urgent, such as a potential poisoning or overdose, please contact the Poison Center by calling 1-800-222-1222.

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Note: Please DO submit patient information that you feel may be helpful in answering the drug information request (such as patient's age, disease states, or medications). Due to HIPAA regulations please DO NOT submit patient identifying information (such as patient's name, birth date, hospital room number, social security number or medical record number).






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 Product Identification Dosage/Administration General Information Drug Availability Adverse Drug Reaction Drug Interactions Therapeutic Use Literature Retrieval Pregnancy/Lactation Abuse/Addiction Toxicology Cost Kinetics Investigation Drug Stability/Compatibility Other

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For high priority requests, consider calling the Wellness Center directly at 864-938-3930.

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Please be aware our hours of operation are Tuesday-Thursday from 9am-4pm EST. Requests submitted outside of these hours will be address during the next business day. For High Priority requests, please call our office at 864-938-3930.

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