CED About Us

What is the CED?

The spirit of innovation fostered by the Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) was centric to defining the culture at the School of Pharmacy at its inception. The founding Dean, Dr. Richard Stull, created the Center, and the inaugural Class of 2014 will be the first class to complete the educational programming.

PCSP believes that pharmacy is an excellent career for the entrepreneurial-minded. Consider these two categories of business ventures for pharmacists:

  • Pharmacist entrepreneurs are business owners who own independent pharmacies.
  • Pharmacist entrepreneurs apply their entrepreneurial skills to create innovative businesses that address problems within the health care industry. The opportunities are endless!

The CED helps students explore the wide variety of pharmacy-related career paths available for them after graduation—even ones they may not have initially considered . PCSP’s culture encourages creative thought and innovation to inspire graduates to pursue their dreams of ownership, service innovation and product development. Entrepreneurial exercises are incorporated into courses throughout the curriculum.

The CED is unique to PCSP, as pharmacy graduates traditionally have not been strongly supported in business enterprises. All PCSP students are invited to participate in the CED, which offers workshops and networking opportunities that aim to cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit. Topics covered in these sessions have included developing a business plan, budgeting and cash flow management and social media marketing strategies.

ced-shealyKayce M. Shealy, PharmD, BCPS, BCACP, CDE

Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice

Interim Director, Center for Entrepreneurial Development

At PCSP, we believe that strong business acumen is an asset to pharmacists in nearly every setting; however, pharmacy schools don’t traditionally focus on the business side of pharmacy.  We are proud to provide these educational workshops to our students.