Student Awards and Scholarships March-April

PCSP students receive accolades from their preceptors for their professional behavior on IPPES, by guest speakers for their professional appearance, by parents and incoming students for their interaction as student ambassadors, and for the quality of their research and involvement in professional meetings, student organizations, and community service. We are proud of our students and look forward to sharing with you some of their accomplishments in each issue.


We are so proud of our students and faculty mentors!  PC Pharmacy School had a strong presence at the South Carolina Society of Health-System Pharmacists on March 24-26, 2013 in Charleston.  We had six student presenters and nine faculty mentors represented.

  • “Antipsychotic rechallenge following neuroleptic malignant syndrome:  examination of second generation antipsychotics” presented by Jennifer Carter and mentored by Drs.  Kathryn Freeland, Jamie Foushee, and Nancy Goodbar.
  • “Comparison of patient health literacy to readability of materials in South Carolina free clinic” presented by Courtney Reed, Elizabeth Horne and mentored by Drs. Kate Moore and Zach Anderson.
  • “Frequency and economic impact of comorbid cardiac conditions among hospitalization of patients with multiple sclerosis” presented by Landon Marshall and mentored by Drs. Laura Happe, Meg Franklin, and Dickson.
  • “Y-site physical compatibility of commonly used medications in intensive care unit:  a focus on esomeprazole, electrolyte, and insulin infusions” presented by Lyndsay Gormley and Megan Sumner and mentored by Drs. Jamie Foushee and Laura Fox.
  • “Y-site physical compatibility of intensive care unit admixtures with cisatracurium”  presented by Megan Sumner and Lyndsay Gormley and mentored by Drs. Jamie Foushee and Laura Fox.
  • “Evaluation of disparities across preventative cancer screenings in a Medicaid population” presented by Desiree Walker and Landon Marshall and mentored by Drs. Laura Happe and Dickson.


Honors Day 2013 was held at Presbyterian College on Thursday, May 18 2013. Research completed at the Pharmacy School was presented in 11 poster and oral presentations. This was the work of six pharmacy students and seven undergraduates (biology, chemistry, psychology). These projects were mentored by eight pharmacy faculty. Good job, to students and faculty! You made us proud!


  • Jennifer Carter (Dr. Freeland) presented on “Antipsychotic Rechallenge Following Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome”
  • Meredith Jenkins (Dr. Asbill) presented on “The Evaluation of Triclosan Transdermal Penetration Using PAMPA
  • Kaitlyn Lollis (Dr. Eagerton) presented on “Impact of Medication on Driving”
  • Joanne Petz (Dr. Sweitzer) presented on “Using Herpes Simplex Virus Mediated Gene Therapty”
  • Tyler Hammett (Dr. Sweitzer) presented on “Sickle Cell Pain:  Protein Kinase C Gamma Expression in the PAG Following ET-1”
  • Jasmine Herndon & Reona Broadwater (Dr. Virga) presented on “Development of Siderophore-Conjugated Antimicrobials for the Treatment of Topical Wound Infections”
  • Poster Presentation by McCall Anderson (Dr. Sweitzer) on “Do Water Fleas Feel Cold? Evidence for TRPM8 Expression in Dapnia Magna”
  • Poster Presentation by Laura Dajani and Danielle Van Delden (Dr. Farrell) on “FGD1 Mutations in Breast Tumors”
  • Poster Presentation by Lyndsay Gormley (Dr. Fox) on “Y-site Physical Compatibility of ICU Admixtures with Cisatracurium”
  • Poster Presentation by Megan Sumner (Dr. Fox) on “Y-site Physical Compatibility of Commonly Used Medications in an ICU Unit”
  • Poster Presentation by undergrad Ambreona Thomas (Dr. Sweitzer) on “Can Water Fleas Sense Acidity?  Evidence for ASIC3 in Daphnia”

  • Student Jennifer Carter, along with her faculty mentor Dr. Nancy Goodbar, were chosen as recipients of the 2013 AACP Walmart Scholars Program.  AACP and Walmart share the commitment to help colleges and schools of pharmacy ensure there are an adequate number of well-prepared individuals who aspire to join the faculties of our expanding programs across the country. The goal of this scholarship program is to strengthen the recipient’s skills and commitment to a career in academic pharmacy through participation in programming and activities at the 2013 AACP Annual Meeting and Seminars.  The program provides $1,000 travel scholarships to 85 student/faculty pairs from AACP member institutions to attend the AACP Annual Meeting and the AACP Teachers Seminar in Chicago, Illinois from July 13-17, 2013. This momentous program continues to grow each year with Walmart’s support and dedication.

  • PCSP rolled out a brand new Pharmacy Research Summer Interns Program (PRSI) to enrich the academic experience of pharmacy students and pre-pharmacy undergraduates through research opportunities in pharmacy practice, pharmaceutical administration, pharmaceutics, and biomedical sciences.  The PRSI program enables students to build faculty mentoring relationships and professional research experience, and to creatively explore their interests at a more in-depth level than can be attained in the classroom. The PRSI program provides opportunities for pharmacy students to build a competitive edge in the job market and for undergraduate pre-pharmacy students to strengthen their pharmacy school applications.
    Each intern receives a $3,000 stipend for eight weeks of full-time, faculty-mentored research at Presbyterian College School of Pharmacy.  The highly competitive program runs from June 4-July 26, 2013.  Selection is based on the student’s previous academic success, his/her interest in pharmacy research, and the matching of student research interests with participating faculty.  We are looking forward to welcoming our first PRSI researchers this summer!
  • The Pharmica FC (Pharmacy School soccer team) was one of six teams of the past intramural soccer league at PC. After five undefeated games during the regular league, they continue undefeated in the semifinal game, which they won 6-1. The final game was an excellent match between the best teams of the league. The very diverse Pharmacy team played cohesively, with great focus and accurate organization throughout the game. The brave rival, Sigma Nu, was a constant machine of attacks and a wall that did not allow a goal during the first half. They could not, however, penetrate the solid impermeable defense of Pharmacy and barely stood the ferocious and constant attacks of our strikers. The second half was a little different; the Pharmacy team understood that a better-coordinated strategy was necessary. Indeed, our students managed to coordinate a series of passes during the second half that left Sigma Nu with no resources. Sigma Nu could not endure the fury of Pharmica FC and succumbed 1-0 after a tenacious and beautiful display of soccer skills from our team. All in all, it was a very well deserved championship that was spiced up by the constant support of loyal students. In fact, this is a back-to-back championship. Kudos to our Pharmica FC soccer team that showed sportsmanship, professionalism, camaraderie, and team spirit.